Dr. Shields is a highly recommended chiropractic physician who has treated my back problems with great success in a very professional and competent manner.
— Selig Keitz



For years I had been feeling odd sensations in my feet, ankles and legs akin to burning. Also, my skin had become sensitive. During this period, the sensations had been slowly increasing in intensity until they had reached a point where I had to do something about it.  I went to a dermatologist, an allergist and, of course, my internist. None of these medical practioners were able to pinpoint what the problem was, and therefore had no solution to my symptoms.   At that point, I decided to think outside the box and try alternative medicine, that being acupuncture. I chose Dr. Shields Chiropractic and Acupuncture Center as my hope for some relief from my symptoms.

Acupuncture has made a huge difference in my life as it has given me relief from my symptoms. That is to say that my symptoms are much less than they were before acupuncture and regular visits for additional treatments help to keep my symptoms in check.  When I first started treatments, it took a period of approximately three weeks for my symptoms to abate and I can’t express my profound relief at feeling close to normal again.  To this day I am continuing maintenance treatments to keep my symptoms from coming back.

I really enjoy the people at this office from receptionist to medical staff and it is safe to say that they and I have become friends. There exists a professional demeanor with a family atmosphere which makes you feel quite at home. I can’t say that I really enjoy getting stuck with needles, which, by the way, don’t hurt, but it is a pleasure interacting with the staff and I look forward to my visits.

-- L. Krusienski

I have had ongoing back pain. I had injured my rib cage which she treated and keeps the pain away.  I have less pain, better range of motion. I had chiropractic care for years but Dr. Shields is by far the best at fixing the causes for pain. Regular adjustments help to keep illness away as well. In general I feel better overall.  It has been wonderful from day one. I have referred friends and will continue to do so. We took our dog to her after a back injury he sustained in a fall and he responded wonderfully to adjustments.

--Rita L. Pettit

I had pain in my back and my neck.  My life has become acceptable again.  Dr. Shields and I have been pleasantly associated for many years. I highly recommend her expertise.

--Barbara Stricker

I was referred to Dr. Shields by a friend. I had a stiff neck with approximately 15% range of motion. The injury to my neck was job related. I worked outside for 40+ years and after several falls on my back for various reasons, my neck eventually became worse and worse.  How has chiropractic treatment affect my life?  Dramatically, in a single word!  Dr. Shields has treated me for 3 years and my neck range of motion is up to 75-80%. I can live with that and I am quite happy that. Dr. Shields has helped me avoid surgery which was my other option to chiropractic treatment.  I have always been treated with respect and professionalism. Dr. Shields takes time to listen to me and I never feel rushed. Dr. Shields has improved my quality of life with here hands of magic. I tell Dr. Shields that she is “The other woman in my life!!!”

--David Roussell

Our family has been using Dr. Shields as our chiropractic doctor since the early 1990’s. I messed up my lower back to the point that I could hardly walk and a friend at work told me about Dr. Shields. I made an appointment and was able to walk out of her office and return to work with very little pain. Since then she has always helped my wife and I with all our chiropractic needs. She is an honest person (not one of these chiropractors that make you stay on a maintenance plan) with lots of experience who listens to you so she can give you the best treatment for your problem. She and her staff have always been top notch and willing to help you from making the appointment, fitting you in for an appointment, checking on you during your appointment, and getting you out and back to your life in a timely fashion. Her office has always been very clean, neat and as I said before, a friendly environment. Two times when I have hurt my lower back the MD’s and my employers wanted me to have surgery and Dr. Shields has kept me from having to be cut on. I am able to live a normal life. Also her husband is very good with acupuncture. When my tennis elbow flairs up he takes care of it with a couple of visits. My wife was suffering from migraines and Usep Kustian, has helped her get over them. I have experienced another chiropractor and she by far is the best in this area.

--Scott and Tina Rhodes

Dr. Shields is a highly recommended chiropractic physician who has treated my back problems with great success in a very professional and competent manner.  My chiropractic treatments have improved my quality of life, enabling me to enjoy many outdoor activities especially my love of golf. Thank you for that!   My office experience has always been prompt, courteous and very professional. A wonderful atmosphere, a great office staff, always willing to help in any way possible. Overall a very enjoyable experience.

--Selig Keitz

My back is a mess and in order to get relief from the pain I have chosen to see the best chiropractor in the Hendersonville area. What more can I say.  The treatments have given me the freedom to resume a normal life as opposed to being bent over and in a sedentary life style. Pain is a 4 letter word and an experience I do not enjoy. Agility and pain free is the name of the game!  It is enjoyable to do business with the entire staff. They are kind, considerate, compassionate, responsible and have a great sense of humor. I enjoy the visits so much that I feel like getting an adjustment just for the camaraderie. You get a mental adjustment as well as a physical one.

--Jean Williams